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Article 04.03.2021 | Sandhya Sarvode & Lakshmi Ratna Kancherla, LKS

MIMO Products & LTE Products - Emerging Issues

Article 03.03.2021 | Navjot Singh

Supreme Court ruling backs taxpayers in software royalty case

GST Article 22.02.2021 | H.S. Prasad

Salient features of New Scheme for Industrial Development of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir

GST Article 19.02.2021 | Sonal Singh & Anusha B, LKS

Transactions Between Clubs/Associations and its Members: Deemed to be Taxable!

GST Article 18.02.2021 | Rohini Mukherjee, LKS

GST on notice pay recovery: Is the issue far from settled?

GST Article 17.02.2021 | Lakshmi Ratna & Geetha Bharwani, LKS

E-Invoicing on Exports - All is well?

GST Article 16.02.2021 | Anshul Mathur & Sangitha, LKS

Non-realisation of foreign exchange - Are the changes made by Finance Bill 2021 enough?

GST Article 09.02.2021 | Khushboo K, Nrupesh M & Nandesh P

Whether input tax credit reversal required under GST law where contractually payment term is more than 180 days?

GST Article 08.02.2021 | Robin Garg & Pratish Goel

All about GSTR-9 & GSTR-9C reporting requirements for FY 2019-20

Budget Article 04.02.2021 | Anshul Mathur & Sadhvi Gupta, LKS

Concessional purchases against Form C in the GST regime

GST Article 04.02.2021 | Vatsal Bhansali & Chaitanya Bhatt, LKS

Issuance of independent circulars under GST by the State – Clarity required

GST Article 03.02.2021 | Madhu Jain & Devanshi Sharma, LKS

Section 83 - Impact of the Amendment proposed by the Finance Bill, 2021

GST Article 03.02.2021 | CA Deepika Ganesan

Analysis of Union Budget 2021 – GST

Budget Article 02.02.2021 | Jigar Doshi & Yash Goenka, TMSL

Top 7 Indirect Tax updates from the Union Budget, 2021

Budget Article 02.02.2021 | Kulraj Ashpnani & Sourabh, NITYA Tax

Union Budget 2021: Setting the right legal framework

GST Article 29.01.2021 | B Venkat Ramanan & Veenaa Venkatesh

Working From Home – GST Registration requirements triggered?

GST Article 28.01.2021 | Lakshmi Ratna Kancherla & Mallows Priscilla

Rule 86B – An additional burden

GST Article 25.01.2021 | Nitin Bansal

Union Budget 2021 - Never before expectations

GST Article 20.01.2021 | Abhishek Ranjan & Sadhvi Gupta, LKS

Special Invoice by HO to ISD - Confusions Galore

GST Article 12.01.2021 | Shrikant M. Shaligram

Registration & ITC - Recent Changes of 2020-21

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