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GST Article 31.01.2023 | Aaryan N, Advocate

Can ITC be denied based on mismatch in Forms GSTR-2A/2B and GSTR-3B?

GST Article 30.01.2023 | A.R. Hema, Advocate

Excluding expenses as Pure Agent – Part 2

GST Article 27.01.2023 | A.R. Hema, Advocate

Excluding expenses as Pure Agent (Part 1)

GST Article 25.01.2023 | Adv. (CA) Abhay Desai

Draft Certificates for ITC confirmation for FY 17-18 & 18-19

GST Article 23.01.2023 | Dharnendra K Rana, Sourabh Kumar & Shivam Kamra

Taxability of Extra Neutral Alcohol: Eluding an Inevitable?

Article 21.01.2023 | Sunil Kumar & Sakshi Hasija, TMSL

Tariff Classification Process: Adherence to a systematic approach is indeed crucial

GST Article 19.01.2023 | Aasmee Mangla, Swati Goyal & Rupanshu Bansal

Rule 37A – A failed attempt to fight a losing battle

GST Article 05.01.2023 | Adv (CA) Kashish Gupta, Paksh Legal

Changes in GST Registration procedure

GST Article 04.01.2023 | Deepak Suneja & Sarita Mehra, NITYA Tax Associates

IGST exemption under Advance Authorization Scheme – Challenges and Mitigation

GST Article 03.01.2023 | Adv (CA) Kashish Gupta, Paksh Legal

Availability of ITC if tax is not paid by Vendor : Is Rule 37A beneficial for Assessees’?

GST Article 02.01.2023 | Vivek Jalan, Tax Connect Advisory

GST Rate changes from 1st January 2023

GST Article 30.12.2022 | Adv (CA) Kashish Gupta, Paksh Legal

Reversal of ITC on failure to pay within 180 days from the date of issuing invoice

GST Article 29.12.2022 | Vivek Jalan, Tax Connect Advisory

Impact Analysis of Rule 37A: No immediate ITC Reversal for Non-filing of GSTR-3B by suppliers

GST Article 28.12.2022 | CA Ankit Gulgulia (Jain)

Summary of six key Circulars issued by the CBIC

GST Article 23.12.2022 | Sabyasachi Chakraborty

Shipping Industry – A Complex Affair

GST Article 20.12.2022 | CA Manoj Nahata

Doctrine of Legitimate Expectation - Meaning, Concept & its Application

GST Article 19.12.2022 | Vivek Jalan

Clause by Clause Analysis of Decisions of the 48th GST Council Meeting

GST Article 16.12.2022 | Sreeram Kaza

Input Tax Credit under GST (Part 2)

GST Article 14.12.2022 | Kashish Gupta & Garima Jindal, Paksh Legal

Filing Appeal and entertaining the Appeal with sacred thread of Pre-deposit

GST Article 13.12.2022 | Shubham Khaitan

GST on reimbursement of electricity charges

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