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GST Article 31.07.2020 | CA Raman Popli

Immovable property is not moving out of taxpayer’s mind!

GST Article 29.07.2020 | Jagannadh Grandhi & Satish Gandla

Supply Includes Nothing Extra!

GST Article 28.07.2020 | CA Pratish Goel & CA Robin Garg

Refund and lapsing of ITC on Fabric; Considering Notifications, Circular and High Court judgement

GST Article 27.07.2020 | CA Navjot Singh

Indelible tale of Deficiency Memo and Interest on Delayed Refunds

GST Article 22.07.2020 | Sourabh Kotecha

Input Tax Credit on procurements used for Immovable Property – A Never Ending Saga!

GST Article 21.07.2020 | Chaitanya Bhatt, Nirav Karia & Vatsal Bhansali

GST implications of sales promotion activity

GST Article 20.07.2020 | CA Navjot Singh

Alcohol based Hand Sanitizers: A Panorama

GST Article 18.07.2020 | Rownak Jajodia

Government Battles Hand Sanitizer!!!

GST Article 17.07.2020 | CA Pradeep Jain

The never ending story of Transitional Credit

GST Article 16.07.2020 | Ashish Mittal

GST Compliance - Tracking & Understanding recent development

GST Article 16.07.2020 | CA Pradeep Jain

No ITC on project development services for immovable property construction: AAR

GST Article 15.07.2020 | CA Pratish Goel & CA Robin Garg

Interest on Gross or Net Liability?

GST Article 14.07.2020 | Narendra Singhvi & Abhishek Tripathi

Detention under Section 129 - Incongruities

GST Article 11.07.2020 | CA Pratish Goel & CA Robin Garg

Recent Amendments in Refund provisions: As inserted by Notification No. 16/2020 dated 23rd March, 2020

Article 11.07.2020 | CA Vivek Jalan

Legal Framework of Investment in India

Article 09.07.2020 | Jigar Doshi & Yash Goenka

Let Bygones be Bygones: Gujarat Government

Article 08.07.2020 | Debasish Bandyopadhyay

Payment of rent during COVID-19 – A national spotlight

Article 07.07.2020 | Debasish Bandyopadhyay

Faceless, Contactless and Paperless - Sea change in Customs administration

GST Article 07.07.2020 | Narendra Singhvi & Abhishek Tripathi

Interest on late payment of GST: System Overriding Law

GST Article 06.07.2020 | Rohit Goel

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code - GST perspective

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