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GST Article 03.05.2021 | Dharnendra Kumar Rana & Sourabh, NITYA Tax

Extension of limitation during pandemic: An Indirect Tax Perspective

GST Article 21.04.2021 | Deepak Suneja, Aasmee Mangla & Rubel Bareja, NITYA

Cross Charge vs. ISD: A legal quandary!

GST Article 20.04.2021 | CA Nikhil Jhanwar

Amended Section 16(4) to de-link ITC on Debit Note with Invoice fails to get stamping of Gujarat AAR

Article 09.04.2021 | Jigar Doshi & Swapnil Kolte

MVAT Assessments Foregone - Better Late Than Never!

GST Article 08.04.2021 | Lakshmi Ratna & Mallows Priscilla, LKS

Agreeing “to refrain” “to do” or “to tolerate” - Un-ending Conundrum?

Article 03.04.2021 | Vivek Jalan

Implementation of Labour Codes

GST Article 31.03.2021 | Manish Sachdeva

Deciphering the Open Market Value

GST Article 30.03.2021 | Padmasri Manyam & Mahwash Fatima, LKS

Legislating away judicial decisions - An increasing trend under GST

GST Article 23.03.2021 | Abhishek Tripathi, Advocate

Myth and misconception about penalty under Section(s) 73, 74, 122(1) & 122(2) of the CGST Act

GST Article 22.03.2021 | Tushar Aggarwal & Geetika Shrivastava

Ending the Software Classification Conundrum: Implications of Supreme Court’s decision on levy of GST on sale of Copyrighted Goods

GST Article 19.03.2021 | CA Nikhil Jhanwar

Quick Recall - Compliances & Changes in-between March 21 and April 21

GST Article 18.03.2021 | Sanjay Kumar

Taxability of Canteen Services – A Contentious Issue

GST Article 17.03.2021 | Chaitanya Bhatt, Nirav Karia & Vatsal Bhansali

Amended Section 16(4) of the CGST Act - Whether a wolf in a sheep’s disguise?

GST Article 13.03.2021 | CA Abhay Desai

IGST refunds with benefits under Advance Authorization - Important observations

GST Article 09.03.2021 | Anket S Dodya

Is Document Identification Number (DIN) an underrated armour in Litigation?

Article 04.03.2021 | Sandhya Sarvode & Lakshmi Ratna Kancherla, LKS

MIMO Products & LTE Products - Emerging Issues

Article 03.03.2021 | Navjot Singh

Supreme Court ruling backs taxpayers in software royalty case

GST Article 22.02.2021 | H.S. Prasad

Salient features of New Scheme for Industrial Development of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir

GST Article 19.02.2021 | Sonal Singh & Anusha B, LKS

Transactions Between Clubs/Associations and its Members: Deemed to be Taxable!

GST Article 18.02.2021 | Rohini Mukherjee, LKS

GST on notice pay recovery: Is the issue far from settled?

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