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GST Article 10.06.2020 | CA Abhay Desai

Issues faced while claiming Input Tax Credit under GST Laws (Part II)

GST Article 10.06.2020 | Debasish Bandyopadhyay

ITC restrictions under GST and COVID-19 expenditure - Challenges ahead

GST Article 09.06.2020 | CA Pradeep Jain

GST Circular contradicting relaxation provided during pandemic

GST Article 09.06.2020 | Chitresh Gupta & Shilpi Gupta

Eligibility of ITC on COVID 19 related expenses - Potential Bone of contention between Assessee & Department

GST Article 08.06.2020 | Anjali Hirawat

Classification of 'Fruit Juice Based Drink' - A Contentious Issue

Article 08.06.2020 | H.S. Prasad

Features of Faceless Assessment under Customs

Article 06.06.2020 | CA Chandra Kishore Bajpai

Impact of Section 194(O) on E-commerce operator and its participants

GST Article 06.06.2020 | Harshal D Fifadra

Payment under protest under GST regime

GST Article 05.06.2020 | Surbhi Premi & Kriti Chhabra

GST on masks, sanitizers and other expenditure - Extra burden?

GST Article 04.06.2020 | Debasish Bandyopadhyay

GST on sale of lands through JDA - In the path of certainty

GST Article 01.06.2020 | Debasish Bandyopadhyay

The turbulent journey of Form GSTR-3B under GST regime - An insight

Article 30.05.2020 | Sanjali Dias

Looking Forward…

GST Article 30.05.2020 | CA Yogesh Harjai & Adv. Siddarth Malhotra

Liquidated Damages vs Tolerating an Act: A clear picture

GST Article 29.05.2020 | Ratan Jain & Saurabh Malpani

Rule 96(10) and its disparities for EOU and EPCG Scheme

GST Article 29.05.2020 | Debasish Bandyopadhyay

Recovery of Interest under GST - No SCN, No Recovery

GST Article 28.05.2020 | Robin Garg

Import of Service - Taxation and Exemption

GST Article 28.05.2020 | Rohini Mukherjee & Sangitha

Can a registered person transfer his ITC when his business gets shifted to a different State?

GST Article 28.05.2020 | Sai Prashanth & V. Baratwaj

Rectification of Form GSTR-3B – A deep dive into the judgment of Hon’ble Delhi High Court

GST Article 28.05.2020 | CA Pradeep Jain

Pros & Cons of Exports with/without payment of tax

GST Article 27.05.2020 | Manish Gaur & Shagun Arora

Can AAR advance a ruling on place of supply?

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