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GST Article 08.10.2020 | Mansi Goel

Availability of ITC on advance paid for services

GST Article 07.10.2020 | Bimal Jain

No Credit available on lift installation charges

GST Article 06.10.2020 | Bimal Jain

Taxable value for the purpose of GST not to include TCS amount collected under Income Tax Act

GST Article 05.10.2020 | Atul Gupta, Partner, L&S

Amendment in Section 132/122 of the CGST by the Finance Act, 2020: restrictive or expansive and also retrospective?

GST Article 25.09.2020 | Anshul Mathur & Sangitha

E-Invoicing - The new Compliance under GST

GST Article 24.09.2020 | Atul Gupta, Partner, L&S

Difficulties in implementation of E-Invoicing for registered recipient of supplies

GST Article 21.09.2020 | CA Chandani Nawalkha

Know Your Supplier vis-à-vis Rule 86A of the CGST Rule, 2017

GST Article 17.09.2020 | Chitresh Gupta & Shilpi Gupta

Eligibility of the recipient to claim ITC in case of Mis-classification by supplier

GST Article 16.09.2020 | Prateek Gupta & Ashish Mittal

Synopsis of Legal Provisions & Forms of E-Invoicing Under GST

Article 14.09.2020 | Manoj Sharma

CAROTAR - New Stumbling Block in Import Karobar

GST Article 12.09.2020 | Bimal Jain

Recovery of Transportation charges by employer from employees not taxable, ITC to extent of transportation cost borne eligible: AAR

GST Article 10.09.2020 | Srishti Yadav

Voucher conundrum under GST - Same soup, just reheated

GST Article 08.09.2020 | Chitresh Gupta & Pranjal Agarwal

GSTR-2B – Relief or Opening of New Pandora Box for Taxpayers

GST Article 07.09.2020 | CA Yogesh Harjai & Adv. Siddarth Malhotra

Retrospective Amendment: A triumph of bureaucratic obstinacy over good sense?

GST Article 04.09.2020 | CA Vivek Jalan

Intricacies of TCS on sale of goods from 1st October 2020

GST Article 03.09.2020 | Anshul Mathur & Sangitha

Big relief for businesses having accumulated ITC in respect of input services on account of inverted tax structure

GST Article 02.09.2020 | Manoj Sharma

Due dates to remember in September

GST Article 31.08.2020 | CA Chandani Nawalkha

Absurdity of Section 18(6) of CGST Act, 2017

GST Article 25.08.2020 | CA Chitresh Gupta & CA Shilpi Gupta

GST Actionable for September 2020

GST Article 24.08.2020 | CA Navjot Singh

Epiphany by the Madras High Court - In TRAN-1 debate

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