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Article 08.07.2020 | Debasish Bandyopadhyay

Payment of rent during COVID-19 – A national spotlight

Article 07.07.2020 | Debasish Bandyopadhyay

Faceless, Contactless and Paperless - Sea change in Customs administration

GST Article 07.07.2020 | Narendra Singhvi & Abhishek Tripathi

Interest on late payment of GST: System Overriding Law

GST Article 06.07.2020 | Rohit Goel

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code - GST perspective

GST Article 02.07.2020 | Chetan Jain

Unblocking Rule 86A - Provision for Blocking of Input Tax Credit

GST Article 01.07.2020 | CA Sagar V Shah

Penal consequences on belated filing of GST Return

GST Article 29.06.2020 | Sandeep Rawat

RCM – WHEN: Time of Supply under GST with practical point

GST Article 27.06.2020 | CA Vivek Jalan

Extension of due dates under Income Tax, GST & Foreign Trade Policy

GST Article 27.06.2020 | Sree Ram Kaza

Import of goods under GST

GST Article 26.06.2020 | CA Hemant Gupta

Factoring Arrangements: From GST Perspective

GST Article 26.06.2020 | Bimal Jain

Important dates for filing GSTR-3B and GSTR-1 for availing benefit of Interest on Late Fees

GST Article 25.06.2020 | CA Sagar Shah

GST levy on High Sea Sales vs GST levy on Merchant Trade Transaction

GST Article 25.06.2020 | CA Pradeep Jain

Levy of GST on sale of developed plots

GST Article 23.06.2020 | CA Richa Keshari

Proviso to Section 16(2) - An UNEASE in doing business

GST Article 22.06.2020 | Atul Gupta, Narendra Singhvi & Abhishek Tripathi

Extension of time-limits vide ordinance: Applicability to the Central Excise Act, 1944

GST Article 20.06.2020 | Rohit Goel

Blocked Input Tax Credit - A Dystopia under GST

GST Article 19.06.2020 | Shivam Mehta & Mohit Gupta

Rule 86A - Blocking of Input Tax Credit in electronic credit ledger

Article 18.06.2020 | Jigar Doshi & Sagar Shah

Customs Assessments - Will Faceless be Hassle-less?

GST Article 17.06.2020 | CA Sagar V Shah

Penal consequences on belated filing of GST Return

GST Article 16.06.2020 | Ashutosh Choudhary & Tanushree Jain

GST on Defaults & Bad Debt Transactions: Twin blow on Indian Commercial Sector

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