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GST Article 30.04.2020 | Padmasri M & Lakshmi Ratna

Apparels & Footwear – IGST Rate on Imported Goods?

GST Article 30.04.2020 | Debasish Bandyopadhyay

Unlock the locked ‘tax refunds’ to combat the lockdown impact on liquidity

GST Article 30.04.2020 | CA Pradeep Jain

Employee Reimbursement under GST

GST Article 29.04.2020 | Manish Sachdeva

Promissory Estoppel against area based exemptions and other investment based incentives after GST

GST Article 29.04.2020 | Raghavan Ramabadran, Santhana Gopalan & Parthasara

Quagmire in constitution of GSTAT

GST Article 28.04.2020 | Manoj Mishra & Dipti Nayak

Director’s salary under the radar of GST - Havoc created!!

GST Article 28.04.2020 | CA Tabassum Hasan

Some light as to taxability of "Service by way of transport of goods by road"

GST Article 27.04.2020 | Debasish Bandyopadhyay

Clash of GST and IBC - Rajasthan High Court sets the house in order

GST Article 27.04.2020 | Anket Dodya

The Curious case of ‘Vimal’ pan masala and ‘THE’ technical glitch!

GST Article 25.04.2020 | Anshul Mathur & Akash Mittal

GST on Franchise Arrangements

GST Article 24.04.2020 | CA Krita Lodha

GST Transition - Missed availing CENVAT Credit in ST-3/ER-1 returns?

GST Article 23.04.2020 | Anshul Mathur & Sadhvi Gupta

Fate of Concessional purchases against Form C in the GST regime

GST Article 23.04.2020 | Pitam Goel

GST implications on CSR expenses in relation to COVID-2019

GST Article 22.04.2020 | Anshul Mathur & Nitum Jain

Anti-Profiteering Proceeding Timelines: Sacrosanct or Directory?

GST Article 21.04.2020 | Debasish Bandyopadhyay

GST relief pills to contain the economic impact of COVID-19 pandemic

GST Article 21.04.2020 | Sumit Agarwal

Analysis of Judgement in the case of Reliance Industries Ltd Vs State of Gujarat

GST Article 20.04.2020 | Shivam Mehta & Kanika Agarwal

Input Tax Credit on Research and Development- Is it GST friendly?

GST Article 20.04.2020 | Kapil Sharma, Gagan Gugnani & Ritwika Pati

Is there any guarantee that corporate guarantee is not a supply under GST?

GST Article 20.04.2020 | Shivam Mehta & Hetal Chauhan

Special procedure under GST for companies undergoing CIRP - Critical Analysis

GST Article 18.04.2020 | Payal Nahar & Rajesh Ostwal

GST Valuation: Old controversies in excise valuation would continue in GST regime

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