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GST Article 18.04.2020 | CA Pradeep Jain

Clarification in respect of challenges in implementation of provisions of GST Laws vide Circular No. 137

GST Article 18.04.2020 | Mayank Goel

Applicability of GST on payments made to Directors

GST Article 17.04.2020 | Kunal Nikumbh

Discount and Third-party consideration under GST - A path of uncertainty and confusion for the industry

GST Article 16.04.2020 | Rahul Jain & Veenaa Venkatesh

GST Credit on R&D expenses for Pharmaceutical Companies

GST Article 15.04.2020 | CA Pradeep Jain

High Court judgment allowing carry forward of ITC not reflected in revised ST-3 by filing TRAN-1

GST Article 14.04.2020 | Rahul Tangri

Amendment of Export Turnover for ITC Refund – Cure seems more dangerous than the disorder

GST Article 14.04.2020 | CA Pradeep Jain

Landmark decision granting exemption to ancillary supplies in relation to supply of Electricity

GST Article 13.04.2020 | CA Chitresh Gupta & CA Shilpi Gupta

Applicability of RCM on Director Remuneration

GST Article 13.04.2020 | Debasish Bandyopadhyay

COVID-19 Pandemic - Impact on International Trade

GST Article 11.04.2020 | Jigar Doshi & Rebecca Pinto

Impact of COVID-19 on GST in India

GST Article 11.04.2020 | CA Ankit Sethi & CA Mudit Goyal

An Enigma related to Services of Director vis-à-vis Employee

GST Article 10.04.2020 | Nupur Maheshwari & Garima Srivastava

BIS - An aftertaste of Non-Consumption

GST Article 10.04.2020 | Tanmay Mody

Authority of Absurd Ruling: Vouchers Not Accepted!

GST Article 10.04.2020 | CA Pradeep Jain

Applicability of GST on remuneration paid to Directors

GST Article 09.04.2020 | Vivek Jalan

Will Director's Salary be liable to GST?

GST Article 09.04.2020 | CA Mahesh Jhawar

Analysis and impact of Refund Amendment in Rule 89(4) – Definition of 'Turnover of Zero-rated supply of goods'

GST Article 09.04.2020 | CA Pradeep Jain

GST Update on Demerger of organisation

GST Article 08.04.2020 | Rohini Mukherjee

Capital goods sent to job worker prior to GST not brought back: Whether covered under GST transitional provisions?

GST Article 07.04.2020 | Abhay Sharma

The validity of Section 16(4) of the CGST Act

GST Article 07.04.2020 | CA Pradeep Jain

GST Update on recent clarification on refund related issues

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