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Guest Column 26.08.2015 |

Crackdown on E-Commerce Model under Delhi VAT

Guest Column 25.08.2015 |

Cenvat Credit on Construction Services

Guest Column 21.08.2015 |

CBEC clarifies on SCN issuance & proceedings conclusion as per amended penal provisions in Service Tax and Central Excise

Guest Column 20.08.2015 |

Ensuring Compliance in Reverse / Joint Charge - Practical issues

Guest Column 19.08.2015 |

CESTAT has power to extend Stay beyond 365 days where delay in disposal of appeal is not attributable to the assessee

Guest Column 18.08.2015 |

Job Work under Central Excise

Guest Column 14.08.2015 |

Mandatory pre-deposit for filing appeals under Excise, Service Tax & Customs - Dilemma Continues

Guest Column 13.08.2015 |

Cenvat Credit on Outdoor Catering Services

Guest Column 12.08.2015 |

Goods & Service Tax - Transition challenge on Credit, Carry forward and Claim through declaration

Guest Column 06.08.2015 |

GST Knowledge Series #4 - Comparison of GST Bill, 2014 and Recommendations of Select Committee of Rajya Sabha, 2015

Guest Column 04.08.2015 |

Issues in implementing the GST at States’ Level

Guest Column 03.08.2015 |

VAT not applicable on transfer of right to use of goods if effective possession and control of the goods are not transferred

Guest Column 03.08.2015 |

GST Knowledge Series #3: GST Rates - An unresolved issue

Guest Column 27.07.2015 |

Confusion towards measure of VAT on Builders and Developers

Guest Column 27.07.2015 |

Highlights of Report on the GST Bill by Select Panel of Rajya Sabha

Guest Column 24.07.2015 |

CBEC issues guidelines for detailed scrutiny of Excise Returns

Guest Column 23.07.2015 |

Basic DNA of Goods & Service Tax - GST Knowledge Series

Guest Column 22.07.2015 |

Understanding the Mechanics of Goods & Service Tax - GST Knowledge Series

Guest Column 20.07.2015 |

Gearing-up for GST - 2017?

Guest Column 18.07.2015 |

Clause by clause analysis of Delhi Value Added Tax (2nd Amendment) Bill, 2015

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