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GST Article 20.11.2020 | CA Navjot Singh

Gujarat HC denies IGST Rebate to Advance Authorization License Holders

GST Article 19.11.2020 | Deepak Suneja, Aasmee Mangla & Shubham Agarwal

Taxability of prize money / winnings under GST

GST Article 17.11.2020 | Tanmay Mody

New Return Scheme for Small Taxpayers

GST Article 13.11.2020 | Jigar Doshi & Sagar Shah, TMSL

To err is human, to rectify is divine!

GST Article 09.11.2020 | Vishwanath K, LKS

e-Invoice - Issue in Issue

Customs Video 09.11.2020 | Deepak Suneja

CAROTAR - Salient features and way forward

GST Article 03.11.2020 | CA Chandani Nawalkha

Exempted Supply in light of Composite Supply

Article 30.10.2020 | Deepak Suneja

RoDTEP - Background and way forward

GST Article 29.10.2020 | Ashutosh Kurmy

Interest is dearer than the principal

GST Article 27.10.2020 | Sree Ram Kaza

Exports of goods under GST

GST Article 23.10.2020 | Manish Sachdeva

Various facets of Article 246A

GST Article 15.10.2020 | Anshul Mathur & Sangitha, L&S

Dichotomy between two High Court Judgements on refund of credit relating to input services accumulated on account of inverted tax structure

GST Article 13.10.2020 | CA Chandani Nawalkha

The Curious Case of Missing Invoices

GST Article 12.10.2020 | Narendra Singhvi & Abhishek Tripathi, L&S

Revisiting the nature of Form GSTR-3B: Auto-Populated?

GST Article 10.10.2020 | Bimal Jain

Prize money received from horse-race clubs not liable to GST

GST Article 09.10.2020 | Sai Prashanth & V. Baratwaj, L&S

Deciphering the concept of provisional attachment under GST

GST Article 09.10.2020 | Bimal Jain

Membership subscriptions and Admission fees paid to club not liable to GST

GST Article 08.10.2020 | Mansi Goel

Availability of ITC on advance paid for services

GST Article 07.10.2020 | Bimal Jain

No Credit available on lift installation charges

GST Article 06.10.2020 | Bimal Jain

Taxable value for the purpose of GST not to include TCS amount collected under Income Tax Act

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