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30.01.2023 : Payment of tax for release of detained goods is by consent?

23.01.2023 : VAT TDS is eligible for transition to GST as ITC

16.01.2023 : ITC mismatch – High Court directs applying circular for 2019-20 also

09.01.2023 : Show cause notice and hearing not mandatory before issuing order

02.01.2023 : Time-limit extension by Apex Court due to Covid is not applicable to condonable period

26.12.2022 : Mid-night payment without acknowledgement by GST authority, is not voluntary

19.12.2022 : GST Council Meeting – Mix of taxpayer friendly and other recommendations

12.12.2022 : No GST on notice pay – Circular applicable retrospectively – HC orders refund

05.12.2022 : Lapsing of ITC in case of refund due to inverted tax structure – Goods in stock not covered

28.11.2022 : Provisional attachment under GST – Amendment does not alter requirement on pendency of proceedings for invocation

21.11.2022 : Transitional credit - Benefit of Apex Court ruling available to litigated cases also?

14.11.2022 : GST Audit – Issuance of both draft and final reports on the same day is not valid

07.11.2022 : Rectification of GSTR-1 return – Divergent rulings from High Courts

31.10.2022 : Release of goods and conveyance cannot be refused when security is furnished

24.10.2022 : Refund due to SEZ supplies – High Court orders re-credit with interest

17.10.2022 : No provision to charge interest & impose penalty in respect of CVD and SAD – HC sets aside demand

10.10.2022 : Anti-evasion investigation not permissible when audit conducted for same period

03.10.2022 : Pre-deposit for filing appeal can be paid using ITC ledger

26.09.2022 : Record of adjudication proceedings not maintained by GST authorities

19.09.2022 : Confiscation proceedings are illegal when detention proceedings are initiated under GST

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