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11.01.2021 : Arrest and prosecution - CGST provisions are, prima facie, not unconstitutional

04.01.2021 : Confiscation proceedings can be initiated only if material on mens rea available

28.12.2020 : New year wishes with amendments on ITC restriction and suspension of registration

21.12.2020 : Release of detained goods transported inter-State - Amount under CGST Act alone payable

14.12.2020 : Callousness, harassment & arbitrariness – High Court imposes costs to be recovered from salary of officer

07.12.2020 : GST levy on lottery is valid – Supreme Court

30.11.2020 : NAA holds Rs. 241 crores as profiteered against FMCG major

23.11.2020 : Covid-19 alone not a reason to seek recording of statement through video conferencing

16.11.2020 : Interrogation by GST authorities – Presence of Advocate beyond hearing range, allowed

09.11.2020 : GST authorities not empowered to block IEC

02.11.2020 : E-way bill for intra-State movement - Liability of transporter

26.10.2020 : Supply of free food to employees in canteen liable to GST

19.10.2020 : Education Cesses credit not eligible for transition to GST - Madras HC

12.10.2020 : TRAN-1 issue – Madras HC imposes costs on department for filing frivolous appeal

05.10.2020 : Commencement of investigation is ‘proceeding’ - Advance ruling not available

28.09.2020 : Time of publication in e-gazette determinative of rate of duty - Supreme Court

21.09.2020 : Notional interest on advances – Pre-GST issue gets a fresh lease of life

14.09.2020 : Cost recovery from employees not liable to GST

07.09.2020 : MEIS guillotined with sunset date and cap

31.08.2020 : Interesting tale of interest – Amendment, Notification, Recommendation & Clarification

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